What Do Successful Weight Maintainers Have in Common?

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By Rod Navajas

We’ve all heard the basic principles of weight loss: broccoli trumps chips, water beats beer, and hitting the gym is better than sitting on the couch. These truths seem as clear as daylight, yet why is it that shedding those extra pounds and, more importantly, keeping them off feels like an uphill battle?

It’s tempting to blame it on a lack of knowledge. After all, the world of nutrition can be a maze of conflicting advice. “Is keto superior to high carb?” “Should I embrace veganism?” “Does intermittent fasting actually work?” The questions abound, but is merely knowing the answers enough to win the weight loss war? Definitely not.

Consider this: we all know we shouldn’t procrastinate on work or study assignments, yet many of us find ourselves scrambling at the last minute. It’s evident that knowledge alone doesn’t always translate into action.

So, what’s the secret sauce behind successful weight maintenance?

Behavioural Change: The Missing Piece

According to a recent research (1), the key to long-term weight management lies not only in what you know but in how you act on that knowledge.

Self-monitoring emerges as a critical factor in weight loss maintenance. Those who consistently track their progress are more likely to achieve lasting results. By keeping tabs on their eating habits, exercise routines, and progress towards their goals, individuals can make informed decisions that steer them towards success.

Moreover, monitoring behaviours influence not only what we eat but also how we expend energy. By staying mindful of both intake and expenditure, individuals can better manage their weight over time.

But it doesn’t stop there. The study identifies several behaviour-change techniques that bolster self-efficacy—the belief in one’s ability to succeed. Action planning, time management, prompting self-monitoring behaviours, and nurturing social support all play crucial roles in empowering individuals on their weight loss journey.

Another noteworthy finding underscores the importance of environmental cues. Simply put, if unhealthy foods aren’t readily available at home, individuals are more likely to stick to their weight maintenance goals. It’s a small change that yields significant results.

In essence, successful weight maintenance should teach us to rewire our habits and environment to support our health goals. 

Fitness Lab’s Solution to the Problem

Clearly, simply providing kick-ass training programs would not help us overcome all the barriers involved in weight loss and weight loss maintenance.

So, we went a bit beyond…

We decided to put all our brainpower together and come up with a program that could not only empower you with knowledge but also equip you with all the tools necessary to modify your behaviour.

Welcome to our 5-Week Challenge program!

During the 5-week period, you will gain clarity on nutrition, receive weekly accountability from well-qualified personal trainers, learn how to use self-monitoring tools, understand the main lifestyle factors that influence this process, and receive useful practical tips on how to change your environment and mindset.

It’s a complete package.

Surely, we can’t promise that you will reach your ideal weight in 5 weeks, but you will definitely cross the starting line and gain momentum to reach the finish line without encountering painful and costly detours along the way.

So, if you’re ready to take action, book a session with one of our Mosman personal trainers by sending us an email (info@fitnesslab.com.au) and stop delaying your journey!

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