Your Path to Peak Performance Starts Today!

With the specialised rehabilitation sessions at our Mosman gym, you tap into a physical therapist, a fitness trainer, and a nutritionist, all in one place.

Injuries are a reality of sports (and life), but with the right assistance, the road to recovery can be faster, easier, and less stressful.

Put Performance Biomechanics to Work for You.

The FitnessLab Rehabilitation Process bridges the gap between physical therapists and fitness professionals and uses body analytics to put athletes on the fastest, most effective road to recovery.

Our Process.

Through working closely with physical therapists, our coaches and fitness professionals ensure that no information is lost during the transitional phase. We rely on constant communication and feedback to speed up the process and get you back to peak health as soon as possible.


Actively engages with both the physical therapist and coach to make the recovery process more efficient.

Physical Therapist

Provides expert-level injury assessment and diagnosis then monitors and manages overall recovery progress


Monitors and controls training progression and gives feedback throughout the entire treatment process.

Ready to return to full health?

Our innovative, science-backed process makes the path towards recovery easier to understand, manage, and ultimately achieve. Reach out today to learn more.


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