Test Your Commitment with the 5-Week Challenge.

The 5-Week Challenge will ask you to break free from your comfort zone in pursuit of your goals, but you’ll have some help and support along the way.
Ready to kick your fitness into high gear? Take on the challenge today

What's Included?


From the moment you sign up for the challenge, you get unlimited access to all of the small group classes at our Mosman gym. From boxing to mobility training, every class brings something unique to the table and this exclusive access lets you try each one.
Need something extra? You can also book a personal training session to maximise results.


Food is the fuel for your fitness journey. That’s why every participant in the 5-week challenge gets a complete meal plan and hassle-free guidance from one of our certified nutritionists.
For those who really want to take things to the next level, complimentary supplementation guidance is available too.


In addition to the state-of-the-art equipment at our Mosman gym, you also gain exclusive access to the goal tracking features on the FitnessLab app. This allows you to easily track key metrics and analyse your progress in real-time.
In addition to day to day help, this will also allow you to measure your progress from week 1 through to week 5.


Everybody’s fitness journey might be different, but we are all in this together. From coaches to nutritionists to your peers and fellow participants, everyone at our Mosman gym is invested in each other’s success.
At FitnessLab, motivation, support, and assistance are all part of the package.

Up for the challenge?

Our 5-week challenge is a great way to boost fitness, but it only runs 4 times per year. Reach out today to learn more and reserve your spot in an upcoming session.


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