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When you join FitnessLab, you’re not just joining a gym. You’re joining a helpful, health-conscious fitness community focused on training, nutrition, accountability, rehabilitation, and more.
Create your custom fitness plan with a free goal mapping session today.


Everybody’s path to reaching their full potential is different. When you book a personal training session, you get one on one access to a professional coach focused exclusively on your success. Turn every repetition into an opportunity for perfection with your own training session today.


Looking for something fun, engaging, and physically beneficial? You’ve come to the right place. Different than most gyms, we make sure every member receives full attention during their workout. From boxing to mobility, our small group classes never include more than six participants.

Sweat your way to success with an action-packed HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) class.
This boxing class is fun, challenging, and rewarding, not to mention a great way to let off steam!
Not only does this mobility class help enhance performance, but it also reduces the risk of injuries.
If you’re between the ages of 13-19, come learn safe lifting techniques from our coaches alongside your mates!

If you’re training hard without taking nutrition seriously, that means your only unlocking a fraction of your potential. The fuel you ingest will ultimately dictates the performance of your machine. Our holistic approach delivered by expert nutritionists help ensure that you are maximising your performance, health, and overall wellness.


Our methods delivered to you via our personalised app. Training, holistic nutrition and lifestyle, we will cover it all. Accountability is provided through weekly check-ins and metrics analyses. With 24/7 access to your coach via the app you’ll never be alone during your fitness journey.


Rehabilitation and recovery are essential components of our holistic fitness approach. Through progressive overload methods, frequent assessment, and constant support, our physical therapists and trainers help people of all abilities get back to peak performance levels through safe, effective rehabilitation work.

5-week challenge.
If you’re looking for a comprehensive fitness and wellness boost and don’t mind breaking a sweat, the 5 Week Challenge is perfect for you. This package includes nutrition support, 24/7 app access for progress tracking, and unlimited group class enrollment. Whether you join with some friends or meet new ones on the way, the 5 Week Challenge offers a great combination of fitness benefits and fun.

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