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Rod Navajas.
  • Director
  • Sports scientist
  • Nutritionist
  • Sports Therapist
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Rod Navajas

FitnessLab’s founder and director, Rod is a sports therapist, sports scientist, and certified nutritionist. He enjoys finding new ways to help clients unlock their full potential using the latest developments in science and nutrition.

Nico Brucker.
  • Sports scientist
  • Pilates instructor
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Nico Brucker

A sports scientist with a passion for human kinetics, Nico is an accomplished Pilates instructor who wants to help people of all abilities optimise and improve their body movements.

Tarah Smyth.
  • Personal Trainer
  • Boxing Instructor
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Tarah Smyth

As a personal trainer and boxing instructor, the only thing Tarah appreciates more than the value of a strong cardio workout is an action-packed training session in the ring.

Josh Meagher.
  • Strength training
  • Weight loss
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Josh Meagher

An enthusiastic group class instructor, Josh is also a versatile personal trainer with over a decade of experience in fitness and wellness. Strength training and weight loss are his specialities. 

Erica Costa.
  • Sports scientist
  • A.R.T. Practitioner
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Erica Costa

In addition to being a sports scientist and fitness enthusiast, Erica is a certified A.R.T. Practitioner with a passion for holistic health and wellness.

Helene Granziera.
  • Group Trainer
  • Boxing Instructor
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Helene Granziera

An enthusiastic group trainer, boxing instructor, and PDHPE teacher, Helena is passionate about designing training programs that enable individuals of all ages to reach their potential. Developing client motivation and adolescent and sport-specific strength training are particular areas of interest
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