Top 5 reasons why you are not losing body fat

confused about your weight

By Rod Navajas If you are struggling to lose body fat, despite your never-ending efforts, don’t worry, I’ve got some good news for you! First, you’re not alone. Better yet, we can always find an explanation when we find ourselves stuck in this process. Sometimes the answer is staring you in the face. Nevertheless, we […]

Can You Out-Train a Bad Diet?

Bad Diet

by Rod Navajas The answer is: yes. I will explain.  How would you picture the physique of a person consuming this a day: If you imagined someone carrying excessive amount of body weight and being unable to walk around the block before calling triple 000, you are wrong. In fact, we are talking about an […]

7 Tips to Avoid Weight Gain Over The Holidays

Avoid Weight Gain Over The Holidays

By Rod Navajas Bottom line is: most of us will end up consuming more food, more alcohol and moving less over the holidays. The result? The inevitable weight loss New Year’s resolution mantra. It’s not a coincidence that in January and February most fitness centers get a big influx of new members ready to leave […]

Am I ok? The importance of Mental Health

The Importance Of Mental Health

By Katie Mills Without a doubt, for many of us it’s been pretty tough recently. We’ve lived through unprecedented times and experienced changes in our lifestyle, relationships and freedoms we could never have imagined 2 years ago. This may have taken a toll on different aspects of our life. We will each have experienced varied […]

Healthy Ageing anyone? Check your Omega-3 Levels.

Check Your Omega-3 Levels

By Rod Navajas Increasing longevity and optimising human health & performance goes beyond doing infrequent walks and eating a salad every now and then. Optimal health requires work! Lifestyle choices and practices are key, as It is estimated that only 25% of the variation in human longevity is due to genetics factors.  Not surprisingly, diet […]

Do Detox Diets Really Work?

Detox Diets

By Rod Navajas Before we dive in deeper on this topic, we first need to understand what are the motives people usually go on a detox diet for. More commonly than not, the weight loss benefit of a detox protocol, is the benefit that tends to lure most people in. Individuals on a detox diet, […]

Have you heard about PNF? Stretching on steroids

PNF? Stretching

By SarahJane Jackson What is PNF? PNF, otherwise known as Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, is an active style of stretching. Static stretching is the opposite, a passive style, and also the most widely known. It involves holding a stretch for an extended period of time (ideally longer than 20 seconds) in order to allow the body […]

Can the food you eat make you live longer (or shorter)? Research says you can.

junk food

By Rod Navajas In a study published in the Journal Nature Food [1], researchers from the University of Michigan, were able to analyze 5,853 different foods and quantify the life minutes, added or removed, according to the consumption of these foods.  Although several single nutrients and their effects on life expectancy and burden of disease […]

Vitamin D – The Immune System Regulator Nutrient

Vitamin D absorption

By Raf Ganzaroli According to a 2010 report, published in Genome Research, Vitamin D influences several hundred genes, many of which control disease suppression or expression. It also states that Vitamin D is an epigenetic controller, it regulates what our genes are doing, and its deficiency also increases our susceptibility to autoimmune conditions like multiple […]

Magnesium – Are you deficient?


By Helena Granziera When one considers the minerals and nutrients central to the body’s functioning, magnesium rarely springs to mind. And yet, this quiet achiever is responsible for some of your body’s most significant functions: heartbeat regulation, bone remineralization, muscle contractions, and blood pressure regulation. Despite the important role magnesium plays in human functioning, reports […]


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