Is late-eating stalling your weight loss?

By Rod Navajas I won’t beat around the bush with the answer this time, so here it goes: Is late eating stalling your weight loss? Quite possibly!  Let’s dive straight in. In a scientific study from October 2022, researchers aimed to answer the questions above. And for those who tend to eat most of their […]

Higher protein intake: just a fitness hype?

by Rod Navajas Ask anyone who exercises regularly and I bet they’ve all heard at some point about the importance of consuming protein to improve body composition parameters.  But the question is: Does protein consumption really matter when you are trying to improve body composition and how much you actually need? Let’s start by talking […]

Intermittent fasting: another nutrition fad?

by Rod Navajas Atkins, Paleo, Juice Cleanse, Weight Watchers, Carnivore, Ketogenic…the list goes on. If you have not yet heard any of these different terms, you are either living under a nutrition rock or have no interest in health, fitness and nutrition.  What do all these different diets have in common? They all promise to […]

Top 3 Blood Markers for optimal metabolic health and body composition

By Rod Navajas             The ability of the body to handle the food we eat is a massive determinant of overall health – this is called metabolism. If your metabolism is working fine, your body will adequately respond to the food you chew without causing an erratic response. On the other hand, a metabolic impairment will […]

Successful weight loss maintenance: Top 5 common factors

Long term weight loss

By Rod Navajas Most would agree that weight loss is a hard and daunting process. It’s very common for people to be very enthusiastic at the beginning. Unfortunately, a great proportion of people will give up before they reach their goal. But for those who succeed in a weight loss program, they are now faced […]

The Fat Loss Dilemma: Quick and Harsh or Slow and Steady?

by Rod Navajas Imagine if we had a magic formula that would lead to the same outcome in half of the time…Now imagine that this outcome is weight loss or more precisely fat loss…Amazing, right?! Very few people would not be interested in this magic formula – if any!  Unfortunately, when it comes to fat […]

The Top 5 Not-So-Obvious Causes of Weight Gain

Weight gain top causes

by Rod Navajas Let’s be clear, adipose tissue (or fat) cannot be created out of thin air. It does not magically appear in the body just before you decide to try on an old suit or dress. Nonetheless, in some cases the cause of fat gain is not as explicit as we would like it […]

Top 5 reasons why you are not losing body fat

By Rod Navajas If you are struggling to lose body fat, despite your never-ending efforts, don’t worry, I’ve got some good news for you! First, you’re not alone. Better yet, we can always find an explanation when we find ourselves stuck in this process. Sometimes the answer is staring you in the face. Nevertheless, we […]

Can You Out-Train a Bad Diet?

by Rod Navajas The answer is: yes. I will explain.  How would you picture the physique of a person consuming this a day: 5 egg omelette 3 chocolate chip pancakes  1kg of pasta 1 entire pizza Tons of energy drink And more… If you imagined someone carrying excessive amount of body weight and being unable […]

7 Tips to Avoid Weight Gain Over The Holidays

By Rod Navajas Bottom line is: most of us will end up consuming more food, more alcohol and moving less over the holidays. The result? The inevitable weight loss New Year’s resolution mantra. It’s not a coincidence that in January and February most fitness centers get a big influx of new members ready to leave […]


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